Keiren eating Jelly

Looking for an opportunity to run their own business Rebecca & Chris became the proud owners of Rizo Desserts in 2013.

Why Healthcare desserts many asked?

Because they had both had beloved parents who had to go into aged care.

They knew how food was often THE highlight of the day when someone is sick and infirm.   They  also learned that there is a shocking number of patients and residents who are malnourished.  For complex and simple reasons.  Lack of appetite is a huge problem.  But appetite has to be encouraged.

And what they saw was that products available in the market place seemed to be limited and, dare we say, made to suit supply chains.  That is, they had a heavy use of dried milk ingredients, preservatives and artificial flavours.  Designed to last but not necessarily great tasting.  And don’t start them on the Made in China jellies which have a consistency akin to Vaseline.

There also isn’t a lot of variety.  Main distributors and suppliers to the sector want large volumes only, so don’t cater for much choice.   But what if you are the one having to eat the same food day in day out.   If you’re sick or infirmed, food is surely one of the few highlights.

Chris and Rebecca are proud to be the owners of Rizo Desserts.  They often get ex-patients ringing up and wanting to know how they can get their hands on our desserts once they leave hospital!   It’s not what you expect to hear about when it comes to Hospital food.

Their mission is to go on producing delicious and authentic tasting desserts and jellies.  Made fresh with lovely Australian ingredients and proudly manufactured in Melbourne.

After all, chances are that we will ALL have to spend time in a Healthcare institution in the future and we, also, will be hoping for a highlight or two in our day.