Rizo Desserts is a dairy and jelly desserts manufacturer which was established in 1999.  For over 20 years we have been developing and manufacturing a wide range of quality, great tasting desserts for Hospitals, Aged Care, Food Service and Retail.   Our desserts are authentic.  Made using fresh, real and locally sourced ingredients. You can taste the difference.

We specialise in Healthcare desserts and we do so because we know it’s the Highlight on the Tray for many sick or older Australians.  Therefore, it should taste good and do good to you.  Healthcare nutrition is getting increasingly complex so we ensure we have a wide range of products to suit the dietary and textural needs of our Hospital clients.  And we have a greater range of products suitable for dysphagia diets than any other supplier. People who need pureed food deserve variety and sadly in a lot of institutions they get the same food over and over again.

Our commitment to fresh, tasty and a wide range means we supply throughout Victoria, in parts of NSW and also in Adelaide.


Dessert Co-Pack and Development

We also provide contract manufacturing services to food and beverage companies.  Ring us on 03 9357 9196 with your query.