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Vegan Dessert Launch

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Vegan Dessert Launch

We have launched a Vegan dessert – Chocolate Coconut Custard.  Made from Coconut Milk which blends beautifully with Cocoa to produce a treat that has lovely coconut hints, is not too sweet and is light to eat.

We’ve started supplying hospitals who have been surprised at how a ‘vegan’ dessert can taste so good.  It’s a common view from people that anything suitable for Vegans is somehow inferior in taste.  Well we’ve surprised them with this lovely dessert.  Plus it has the added bonus of being Top 10 Allergens free.  Actually this dessert is also suitable for dysphagia patients to consume as well.  It’s an all-rounder.

Everyone will enjoy this custard and we think it’s great to try and reduce the reliance on animal products.  This is our first but won’t be our last.