Specializing in healthcare jelly and dairy desserts.

Made with delicious Australian ingredients and authentic recipes.

Our objective is to be the highlight in their day.

Vegan Dessert Launch

We have launched a Vegan dessert – Chocolate Coconut Custard.  Made from Coconut Milk which blends beautifully with Cocoa to produce a treat that has lovely coconut hints, is not too sweet and... Read More

Red Velvet Cream

It can be a tough job being the boss of a desserts company.  So much tasting to ensure quality and taste.  Honestly one can get a little tired of desserts believe it or... Read More

Protein & Puree Developments

We’d like to let you know that we are fortifying some of our Puree-suitable desserts from Sept 1 at no extra cost. Those desserts are:- Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Duet Lemon Mousse Dessert Crème... Read More